Meredith Group

Group photo in the BIO5 Lab – Dec 2017

Laura Meredith (PI)


I am an interdisciplinary scientist working on research questions at the intersection of environmental microbiology and atmospheric chemistry.  I am an Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Genomics in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE) and the BIO5 Institute. Previously, I was an Associate Research Scientist with Scott Saleska (University of Arizona) and an Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Paula Welander’s geobiology lab (Stanford University) and Joe Berry‘s trace gas lab (Carnegie Institution for Science). I earned my PhD in Climate Physics and Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Ron Prinn and my BS in Chemistry from the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo.

Alejandro (Alex) Cueva (Postdoc)


Alex obtained his PhD from Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior (CICESE) in Ensenada, Baja California, and brings his expertise in carbon cycle field measurements and data assimilation to the group. Alex is working to incorporate new measurements of carbon cycle tracers, including carbonyl sulfide (COS) at the Biosphere 2, including in the soil and atmosphere sampling system of the Landscape Evolution Observatory.

Vanessa Buzzard (Senior Research Specialist)


Juliana Gil Loaiza (Research Specialist)


Connor Youngerman (Research Specialist)


Juliana Young (UA Undergraduate)

Juliana is working with the Meredith Lab and Dr. Aditi Sengupta to determine the microbial drivers of N2O emissions in the Biosphere 2 tropical rainforest. Read about her research project here.

Gabriel Kellogg (UA Undergraduate) 

Lab Alum

Caroline Sayuri Nishisaka (MS student, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil)- 2017

Kevin Webster (Postdoc) – 2017

Marilyn Mews (UA Undergraduate) – 2017

Joseph Guerrero (UA Undergraduate) – 2017

Sara Te (KEYS high school intern) – 2017

Joseph, Gabriel, and Sara worked as a team on a project to characterize the transport of microbes in the Biosphere 2 Landscape Evolution Observatory model system.

John Meraz (REU Student) – 2017

John worked with Till Volkmann, Joost van Haren, and the Meredith Lab to develop new methods for trace gas analysis in the Biosphere 2 tropical rainforest.

Collaborative Relationships

The Meredith Lab embraces collaboration as a cornerstone for interdisciplinary research, including the following efforts

Microbial methane cycling in the Brazilian Amazon – a budding collaborative effort in methane isotope microbiogeochemistry in the state of Pará (

Biosphere 2’s Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) – microbial and trace gas dynamics in an evolving hillslope (

Ecosystem Genomics Initiative – A new initiative in hiring and collaboration to scale biological information from genes to ecosystems (


Past photos

Group photo – Summer 2017