Graduate and Postdoc opportunities

Postdoc: Carbon cycle tracers

Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Biosphere 2) [Laura Meredith, Peter Troch]

The postdoc will take a leadership role in evaluating a suite of carbon cycle tracers including carbonyl sulfide (COS) and oxygen isotopes of CO2 (18O-CO2) alongside solar induced fluorescence (SIF). Photosynthesis cannot be directly measured at the ecosystem or global scale; thus independent tracers for photosynthesis are needed to reduce uncertainty in the responses of photosynthesis and respiration to global change to better project biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks. Carbon cycle tracers will be evaluated at Biosphere 2’s flagship research infrastructure, the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO,, which is the world’s largest laboratory experiment in the interdisciplinary Earth sciences and boasts an unrivaled capability to close water, carbon, and energy balance at the landscape scale. The cycling of these tracers in LEO and the B2 biomes (rainforest, desert, savanna, mangrove, ocean) will be compared to relevant genomic traits in leaves and soils.


Additional positions in microbial ecology coming soon.

If you are interested in joining the Meredith lab as a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher, please send your CV and a statement of your research interests to laurameredith[at] .